AQMS Automotive, LLC's Buyback Program

Vehicle Eligibility Requirements:

• Vehicle owner volunteers to sell for a price agreed on by seller and buyer.

• Vehicle must be continuously registered with the DMV to an address within the South Coast Air Basin (SCAB) as an operable vehicle for at least 24 months prior to final sale. (SCAB = Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, and Riverside Counties)

• Vehicle must be driven to Buyback location under own power

Equipment Requirements:

• Vehicle must start using keyed ignition system

• Vehicle shall be driven forward and in reverse for 25 feet under its own power

• All doors are present and in place

• The hood is in place

• The dashboard is in place

• The windshield is in place

• The driver’s seat is in place

• Interior pedals controlling the brake, clutch, and accelerator, are operational

• One bumper and all side and/or quarter panels are present and in place

• Vehicle drivability is not affected by any body, steering, or suspension damage

• Exhaust system is present and in place

• One headlight, one taillight, and one brake light are present and in place

• One side window glass is present and in place

• Complies with smog check requirements

• No starting fluid aids- no gasoline down the carburetor to start the vehicle